07/2018 - Palau Aggressor II: Excellent !!! great crew very professional very service oriented and doing the extra mile with a smile making you feel it is all for you very nice persons working together and helping each other just an exceptional crew that is doing all the difference between good and extra excellent trip     
-- Ronen R. , Israel

07/2018 - Raja Ampat Aggressor: Fantastic crew and service. My main reason for the trip was to see the whale sharks and they were there. I thought the whole trip was well organized with good dive briefings. I also very much appreciated to see the local dive guides having brand new dive equipment something that hardly ever happens.     
-- Magalie L. , France

07/2018 - Raja Ampat Aggressor: This was the best managed boat I have ever been on. The attention to detail was extraordinary. They have managed to sort out all the small things that people find annoying or unfair. The photography course was good and you could get out of it what you wanted to.     
-- Jonathan R. , Ireland

07/2018 - Galapagos Aggressor III: Best diving experience ever. We got to swim with whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions and fur seals. Awesome!     
-- Joe J. , USA

07/2018 - Red Sea Aggressor: We had a wonderful experience on the Red Sea Aggressor. We were treated fantastic by the crew. They went out of their way to help with anything needed. They diving was amazing!! We thoroughly enjoyed the entire week onboard!     
-- Denai H. , Canada