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Maldives Aggressor II :


Log Date: Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019
Entry By: Maldives Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log Maldives Aggressor 2

From Aug 21st to Aug 31st, 2019.

Best of Maldives


Water temperature: 29-30°C.

Visibility: 15-25 meters


Captain: Rauf, Hussain

Cruise director: Tony

Jr. CD: Sarah

Engineer: Wanni, Madhu

Instructor: Audrey

Dive guide: Ripon

Chef: Isuru & Kasun

Crew: Sultan, Romesh, Alam & Gloria


Dive tender crew:

Captain: Arey

Crew: Alamin & Sojib




Patricia, David, Ingrid, Andrew, Amanda, Daniel, Eric, Catherine, Becky, Matthew, Heather


Dives Sites:

Thursday: Kurumba House reef, Sunrise Thila, Bandos House Reef
Friday: Banana Reef, Lankan Reef

Saturday: Kudagiri Wreck, Kandhooma Thila, Myaru Kandu, Alimathaa Jetty

Sunday: Forththeyo Kandu, Golden Wall, Rakkedoo Corner,

Monday: Kudira Thila, Lux Out reef, Sun Island Out Reef

Tuesday: Machchafushi Wreck, Mahibadoo Rock, Rhadigga Thila

Wednesday: Moofushi Rock, Himendhoo Thila, Fish Head

Thursday: Maya Thila, Bathalaamangaa Kanthila, Bathalaa Thila, Maya Lagoon

Friday: Rashdoo Madivaru


Wednesday, Aug 21st 

We welcome on board 11 guests from the US and Canada, and they were introduced to their home for the week followed by the general briefing made by Cruise Director Tony. After a great grilled tuna dinner, the guest listened to a dive briefing to familiarize themselves with the dive procedures on board.


Thursday Aug 22nd

For the check dive we went to Kurumba House reef where we had a no current at 15-20-meter visibility. As we jumped in we were surrounded by 4 blacktip sharks, they turned out to be a curious little group. On this dive we also saw two octopus, moray eels and nudibranchs. Second dive of the day was at Sunrise Thila, a sandy bottom dive site with a manta cleaning station. We didn’t see any mantas but still enjoyed a relaxing dive with many titan triggerfish, moray eels, and lots of small critters such as crab and boxer shrimp. Last dive of the day was at Bandos House Reef where we saw a couple of white-tip sharks, a huge spiny lobster and a beautiful mantis shrimp peeking out from its home. Back to the main boat for dinner and a shark documentary!


Friday Aug 23rd

First dive of the day was Banana Reef, beautiful thila, covered in hard and soft corals. With a mild current, we drifted along the wall and swam inside the caves and overhangs. We saw banded shrimp, napoleon wrasse and schools of blue-striped snappers. Second dive of the day was the popular Lankan Reef which holds a cleaning station for mantas. We were lucky enough to encounter 5 mantas at the cleaning station! Third dive of the day was Fish factory, and this afternoon was nothing but a spectacle as hundreds of jacks, moray eels and stingrays were feeding on the leftovers from the factory. It was an hour of pure fish action and the divers enjoyed it so much that we decided to come back to this same dive site for a night dive, and it was just as great of a dive at night!


Saturday Aug 24th

Now in South Male atoll, first dive of the day was at Kudagiri Wreck where we had no current and 15-20m visibility. This was a very relaxing dive where we saw pipefish, stonefish, mantis shrimp and an octopus. Second dive of the day was at Kandhooma Thila where we had a medium to strong current, and shortly after descending, we hooked ourselves on to be able to witness eagle rays and silvertip sharks cruising by before heading back to the main boat for lunch and crossing to Vaavu Atoll. Third dive of the day was at Miyaru Kandu, a large channel where we saw numerous eagle rays and white-tip, silver-tip and grey reef sharks. We also saw big schools of jacks. We also did a night dive at Alymathaa house reef, near the resort’s jetty. With no current this evening, we stopped on a sandy area at 14m and watch at the nurse sharks, black and silver jacks, and sting ray swimming around us.


Sunday Aug 25th

First dive of the day was at Forththeyo Kandu, a thila located inside a channel and covered in colorful soft corals. We enjoyed the beautiful coral garden, swam through the tunnels and saw lots of reef fish and two giant barracuda. Golden wall was the second dive of the day where we had a medium current to we drifted along the reef and saw schools of chevron barracuda, an octopus and a few turtles. Also on this dive, the soft coral formations on the wall are stunning and much appreciated among the divers.

Last dive of the day was Rakkedoo Corner, a wall dive where we saw spotted eagle rays, napoleon wrasse and beautiful table corals.


Monday Aug 26th

Our first dive was at Kudarah Thila where we had a mild current and 30m visibility which made it the perfect conditions to explore the many overhangs, swim troughs and arches of this thila. We saw huge groups of blue-striped snappers and silver jacks. Back to the main boat for a hearty breakfast as we were going on the first whale shark search of the day. No whale sharks but nonetheless a great second dive at Lux Out reef where we saw turtles, octopus, crinoid shrimp and anemone crabs. Third dive of the day was at Sun Island Out Reef where we saw turtles, nudibranch, moray eels and a grey reef shark. Evening was spent learning fishing “Maldivian style” by the boat Captain!


Tuesday Aug 27th

For the first dive of the day we went to Machchafuushi Wreck, also known as MV Kudima. It’s a 52-meter-long cargo ship that’s on 30 meters’ depth. Today we saw lots of small critters such as pipefish, cleaner and banded shrimp and nudibranchs. We also saw a couple of stonefish and a devil scorpionfish. For the second dive we went to Mahibadoo Rock, a cleaning station for manta rays on a sandy bottom. Today we were so lucky to have 7 mantas staying with us for over an hour! Last dive of the day was at Rhadigga Thila, where we had a small to medium current and 30 meters’ visibility. We saw cow boxfish, a snake eel, turtles and napoleon wrasse.

In the afternoon we went to a beautiful island where we enjoyed a drink and listened to beautiful local music performed by the crew before we headed back to the main boat for dinner and a movie.


Wednesday Aug 28th

First dive of the day was at Moofushi Rock, a big cleaning station for mantas but equally good for spotting sharks and rays. On this dive, we saw white tip sharks and tuna hunting. We also saw giant spiny lobsters, a leaf scorpionfish and schools of humphead snappers. Second dive of the day was at Himendhoo Thila, a beautiful thila with lots of overhangs and canyons that you can swim through. On this dive we saw a ribbon eel, turtles, napoleon wrasse and eagle rays. Last dive of the day was at Fish Head, where we saw schools of jacks, fusiliers and bannerfish pass through, as well as a turtle, reef sharks and one group were lucky to see a 2-meter guitar shark pass by!


Thursday Aug 29th

First dive of the day was at Maya Thila where we saw lots of small critters such as nudibranchs, banded shrimp and an octopus! Back to the main boat for a well-deserved breakfast before heading out on the second dive of the day which was at Bathalaamangaa Kanthila. This dive site is located inside a large channel and at the south of the channel, the outer reef forms a long coral outgrowth where sharks can be spotted. On this dive, we saw numbers of white-tip and grey reef sharks and a school of napoleon wrasse. Third dive of the day was at Batalaa Thila, a small thila covered in beautiful green tree coral. On this dive we saw lots of nudibranchs, octopus and a leaf scorpionfish.

Forth dive of the day was a night dive at Maya Lagoon where we had two mantas joining us for the safety stop.


Friday Aug 30th

Last dive of the trip was at Rasdhoo Madivaru where we had no current and 15-20 meters’ visibility. This made it a great last dive and we saw lots of sharks, a manta ray, eagle rays and leaf scorpion fish. The end to a great trip was having a huge school of batfish doing the safety stop with us!


It’s been a great week with lovely guests, lots of laughter and tons of fun!

Thanks again for joining us this trip along the Mistral Maldives Aggressor 2, we hope to see you again soon!


Maldives aggressor II team