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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 17, 2019
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew



Red Sea Aggressor I Captain’s Log August 17-24, 2019


Air Temp. 35 C – 96 F

Water Temp. 29 C – 82 F

Visibility 30-40 m / 110 – 130 f



Captain Mohamed Mekky

Cruise Director: Mahmoud Abdella

Dive Guides: Amr & Gamalea

Engineer - Ibraghim

Chef - Sherif & Hussein

Stewards -Hegazy & Ali

Seamen - Abdo & Ahmed & Mohamed & Ismail



                Catherine, Tim, Ibrahim, Tina, Alan, Chao, Fang, Andrea, Patricia, Thorsten, Cornelia, Donald, Margot, Johanna, Julian



Sunday – Marsa Shouna, Marsa Mobarak

Monday – Big Brother,  Little Brother

Tuesday – Daedalus

Wednesday – Gota Sharm

Thursday – Elphinstone, Abu Dabab 2

Friday –  Abu Dabab 2,1



It was a sunny afternoon when 15 eager guests boarded the Red Se Aggressor. Guests set up their dive gear and enjoyed sunset at Port Ghalib. After sunset we served a delicious dinner from chef Sherif. Later it was time to drink a glass of wine under a sky full of stars and get rest before the week of diving.


Sunday morning, we got clearance from coastguard and departed our home dock and made her way to Marsa Shouna, the dive site number one to start this fantastic week of diving the northern route. While making sure buoyancy and camera equipment was all good guests enjoyed swimming with octopuses, blue spotted Stingrays, Bat fish, flounder, puffer fish and a few huge Scorpion fish. Marsa Mobarak was our next up for the second dive. Divers got to see more scorpion fish, plenty of pipe fish, one juvenile octopus, giant moray eel, yellow margin moray eel and squids. Just some of what we enjoyed on night dive at Marsa Mobarak were Hermit crabs, shrimps, grand pleurobranch, Spanish Dancer, giant moray eel, sea star and basket stars.


Big Brother Island at the depth of 10mt/33ft until 80mt/240ft. The wreck sits in a vertical position facing the depth of the blue water. We continued the dive with a couple of safe penetrations inside the engine room. We then enjoyed the shallow part of the reef with clouds of anthias fish, whale shark. In the afternoon it was finally time to dive Little Brother. We hop in at the northern plateau and drifted to the west side of the reef where are we encountered gry sharks . All divers got to take pictures and video of that graceful creature. We then continued along the reef and we got to see grey reef shark again, white tip reef shark and dogtooth tunas and barracudas.  Such an exciting day in Brother Islands!


Today we started our adventure on Daedalus reef. Just some of the Marine Life we encountered while diving the warm clear waters of Daedalus’ walls was a cleaning station that included a very large red sea grouper, Moray eels, great barracudas, Manta ray Scorpion fish, big school of dogtooth tuna was cruising along the wall. We also enjoyed diving with Napoleon Wrasses different sizes, gold-dotted flatworm, lots of different wrasses and flute fish.


We moved the boat to Gota Elsharm. divers woke up at 6 a.m. Continental breakfast and 6.30 a.m. we were in the water again. We saw napoleon wrasses, flatworms were spotted on the wall as well as a scorpion fish. Second dive we encountered a turtle and lion fish  . We then moved to Shaab Marsa Alam. That was fun dive. We encountered a lot of fish on the wreck,. Last dive was the Night  dive on the same place . we did the night dive too with a lot of Lion fish fallowing us the whole dive and we saw an octopus. 


Elphinstone was our first dive site today. While diving Elphinstone walls we saw countless Masked puffer fish, a Hawksbill turtle, Napoleon Wrasse, pie fish, wartslugs, giant moray eels and schools of fusiliers, black snappers and yellow snappers. Before lunch we splashed on the same dive site and we a Turtle, Trevallies, yellow lip shield slug, a few anemones and our friends bluespotted rays. We then moved to another dive site called Abu Dabab 2 and swim with rays, Eels, Butterflyfishes and Spadefish. While diving at night we saw crabs, hermit crabs, a cowrie, sea cucumbers, sea hare, Leach’s sea star


We finished an amazing week of diving on Abu Dabab 2 and 1 enjoying awesome underwater coral garden, a wreck, swimthroughs and lagoons, Moray eels, an eagle ray, anemones and beautiful mountain corals.

The Crew Would Like to Thank Everyone for Joining Us On the Red Sea Aggressor 1!

Until The Next Time Safe Travels…

 Iron Divers: Tim, Ibrahim, Tina, Alan, Chao, Fang, Thorsten,


 Red Sea Aggressor I Crew