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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 08, 2019
Entry By: Aggressor Nile Queen crew


June 8th ANQ Charter Report

Day 1 – June 8th

*At 12:00 pm, I received the 16 guests, Cathy & Michael, Barbara & Charles, Cyndi, Ellen, Ryan, Mary, Johnathan & Mike, Wendy, and Wayne all from the United States and Ms Junjira from Thailand onto the Aggressor Nile Queen. We started chatting/talking about the details of their visits, then we had lunch and one of the owners, visiting the Aggressor Nile Queen, Mr David Home did the safety briefing before the afternoon East Bank tour.

*At 2:30 pm, we started our visits on the east bank of Luxor at Karnak and luxor temples. Actually , they enjoyed the two visits , and we talked about the temples in ancient Egypt, workers, artisans, and art in general. We took photos everywhere. Then we came back to boat to have dinner.

Day 2 – June 9th

*3 of the 16 guests got up early in the morning around 4.00 am to go ballooning at dawn. The remaining guests had breakfast and left to cross to the West Bank of Luxor at 6:00 am, to join up with the ballooning guests and visit the Valley of the Kings. Then we visited the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Valley of the Nobles. The last visit was at the two Colossi of Memnon statues.

*We then returned to the Aggressor Nile Queen for lunch and then sailed through the loch and to the Esna town dock to visit the temple of Esna which is only walking distance from the dock. After that visit we continued sailing for the remainder of the evening and had a lovely  four course plated dinner in the evening.

Day 3 – June 10th

*After breakfast at 8:00 am we left the ANQ and visited the private tombs of El-Kab where we talked about the daily life of the governors of this area during the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman periods. After the visit, we came back on board , and the tourists enjoyed sailing until we reached the city of Edfu.

*After our buffet lunch on the ANQ while sailing down the Nile, we did our visit in Edfu temple via horse carriage before returning to the ANQ for the remainder of the afternoons sailing up the Nile.


Day 4 – June 11th

*After breakfast, we visited the Ancient rock quarry site of Gebel El-Silsila, where I showed them the cavities made by the workers to cut out the huge rock pieces that were then transported up or down the Nile river to build all the ancient temples they had visited in Luxor and traveling up the Nile

*We returned to the ANQ yacht and continued up the Nile river and enjoyed a beautiful buffet lunch. In the afternoon, we visited Kom ombo temple , and they enjoyed visiting the crocodile museum where they saw the mummified crocodiles from the Greco Roman time. Then we came back to the ANQ yacht,

* In the evening we all had a Barbeque dinner on the banks of the Nile river, on one of the small islands with local dancing and signing to accompany the meal.

Day 5 – June 12th

*We had breakfat at 8:00 am , and we enjoyed sailing from Kom ombo to Aswan.

*We reached Aswan by noon, we had lunch. Then we started our visits in the unfinished Obelisk and Philae Temple by motor boat.  

*After the visit , we came back on board, and we had an Egyptian Oriental Buffet dinner and drinks at 8:00 pm.

Day 6 – June 13th

* 9 guests traveled to visit Abu Simbel. The remaining guests did an additional tour in Aswan to finish their 2 week trip to Egypt.