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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 28, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

Oct 28th to Nov 4th 2017

Guests Peter, Jerry, Mike, Jenn & Stevie, Taylor & Jack, Martin, Phil, Frauke & Birte, Danielle & Guy.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st Mate Alan, Master Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructor Aubri, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp

Air Temp

Exposure Protection

Saturday Tropical storm Phillipe try hard to dampen the mood but in the end could not, all but one of our guests made in into Cayman on time. The wind continued to bully the islands but we were safely sheltered in the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. Chef Kingsley served up a delicious BBQ dinner after the intro and safety briefs were done. All gear was assembled and all cameras made ready.

Sunday The wind still wanted to come but we took advantage of a lull in the blow and the afternoon high tide and got out into a crashing northwest sea but we pointed south and got around to the relatively calm seas off the south side of the Grand Cayman. Janet finally made it in on a delayed flight from the Bahamas and was safely on board just after dinner.

Monday An early start saw us cruise to a very cool site known as Kellys Gardens for our first 2 dives of the week. Atmospheric gullies and bright blue visibility were the order of the morning. The caverns and over hangs present a different topography to most other sites in Cayman. Kingsley served up an authentic Mexican themed lunch as we moved up the coast to Lighthouse Reef for 2 afternoon dives on a sheer wall with cool swim thrus. Blue chromis speckled the wall top and several passes from sizeable barracuda were impressive sightings. It was back to Kellys Gardens for a night dive that finished off the day of diving with several lobsters and crabs and even a showing from the rare slipper lobster.

Tuesday Our day started a few miles along the south of Grand Cayman at a site we had all to ourselves known as Pedros Castle. This secluded spot offers a very cool drop off and pinnacles along with some very intriguing gullies and swim thrus. A large eagle ray and a nurse shark were among the cool sightings that we had. Kingsley served up a yummy Italian lunch as we moved around to the west side of Grand Cayman and all the way up to Doc Poulson for a single dive after lunch. This pretty little wreck was a nice detour from the reef diving but it all sits very close to the drop off so it offered something for everyone. Our late afternoon and night dive were are The Governors Reef and we sighted free swimming eels and feeding turtles and for those that braved the night dive waters 3 octopus was the reward.

Wednesday A short run saw us head for Round Rock & Trinity Caves in a 2 for 1 dive site deal. Yet another free swimming eel and a cool little turtle were among the sightings as we weaved our way in and out of some very cool swim thrus and caverns. Cheese burgers in paradise was the lunch time treat served up by Kingsley as we made our way to an old Cayman favorite, the wreck of the Oro Verde. This ship is now more wreckage than wreck but it does offer all kinds of hiding places to lots of different critters. We had 3 spotted drum , more than 6 lobster, a very hungry turtle and a camera friendly nurse shark.

Thursday The USS Kittiwake was the way we started our day today and even the tho the most recent storm, Tropical Storm Philippe, seems to have move the wreck closer to the reef, it is still a magical dive on a majestic shipwreck that served the US Navy fatefully for many years and now entertains divers every day. Caribbean themed lunch was the culinary delights dished up by Kingsley today as we mad the short hop to Neptunes Drop Off for a single dive along a lush wall top with a very camera friendly turtle. Next stop was Angel Fish Reef for a mod afternoon and twilight dive. More turtles and free swimming eels were the order of the afternoon along with a lobster filled dusk dive.

Friday Our first stop was a very cool wall dive at Big Tunnels and as advertised there is a dynamic system of swim thrus and tunnels. The visibility was markedly improved and all agreed it was a fantastic way to start the day. Back on deck chef Kingsley had sinful chocolate brownies waiting for us. We then moved across the bay to Devils Grotto for our last dive of the week and it was, as it always is, a very popular dive with our happy gang. Special mention must go to Taylor, Jen & Stevie for studiously completing their nitrox courses but also to Jen & Stevie we must mention that this delighful came to the Cayman Aggressor IV to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and seeing how happy and easy they are together another 25 years is a certainy.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew