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Log Date: Saturday, Sep 02, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 29C min – 36C max
Water Temp: 27C/79F - 30C – 86F
Visibility: 25 to 40m  - 75 to 120 f
Weather: Clear skies, cool breezes of wind with occasional periods of humidity
Itinerary: Brothers – Daedalus - Elphinstone
Captain: Sayed
Cruise-Director: Mahmoud
Instructors/Guides: Katerina & Rashad
Chef: Hussein & Sherif
Steward(s): Hegazy & Ali
Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Hossam & Abdul
GUESTS: Beth, Melissa, Dave, Jeff, Paul and Marie – Claude, Dipen, Phillip, Phil and Daniel, Jean, Darrel, Chad and Jody, Lei and Hsin-Yun, Lorena and Gautam
Sunday – Marsa Shouna, Marsa Mobarak
Monday – Big Brother
Tuesday – Little Brother
Wednesday – Daedalus
Thursday – Elphinstone, Umm Erg, Abu Dabab I
Friday – Elphinstone, Abu Dabab III
                            Welcome Aboard!
Upon boarding Red Sea Aggressor Egypt our lovely guests this week were welcomed with our crew’s smiling faces and a welcome drink. After showing each one to his/her cabin we then all met in the dining room to introduce each member of our crew and the guests to each other. We then had our boat and safety briefing while our new family members for the week snacked on our chef’s pizzas. It was then time to assist our new friends in setting up their tanks & dive gear.  The Pepper sauce steak with a side of fresh veggies followed up by cheesecake really hit the dinner.  They were then free to explore the magic that Port Ghalib congers up at sunset until it was time for spot as our jet-lagged friends headed to bed excited about what the Red Sea had in store for them.
Sunday September 3d (Day 1)
The smell of freshly brewed coffee crept through ourboat and on to the marina the first morning as our guests woke up to a beautiful early morning sky over the Red Sea. Tantalizing smells and sizzling sounds greeted everyone as they walked into the dining area to have breakfast. We got clearance from the coast guard right away and off we were to start our one-week journey. At 9 am we left the harbor for our Northern itinerary diving trip.
Marsa Shouna is the first destination of our diving trip. Weplan to spend there 2 dives. Visibility is outstanding. Boat to boat dive to check buoyancy and diving equipment. We enjoy a large garden of fire corals, lion and pipefishes, glassfish and goatfish, masked butterfly fishes, blue spotted stingrays and puffer fishes, huge Moray eel and Scorpion fish. After the second dive we sail to Marsa Mobarak. MarsaMoubarak is a dive site further north that can be good for spotting Crocodile Fish and Lion Fish. We did our third dive of the day here, and found Giant Moray Eels, couple of Scorpion Fish and a Crocodile Fish resting incognito on the sand. Staying here for the night dive meant that our guests had one Cuttle fish, a hermit crab, worm cucumber and different kind of shrimps!  Lion Fish followed our lights as we ventured a little further from the boat to make the most of the true darkness, and a Moray Eel watched us closely as we swam overhead.
Time for dinner and at night we sail northern and reach the remote and pristine reefs of Brothers Islands. We score 4 dives.
Monday September 4th (Day 2)
Day 2 started in Big Brother Island. We sail all night to reach the offshore reefs of Brother’s Islands, forty miles away from the coastline of El Quseir. Sun is shining, sky is crystal clear, sea and wind conditions are calm and it feels like a perfect day for diving. A continental breakfast, dive briefing and at 7 am we are already in the water. Drift dive along the east wall, swimming over the southern plateau and finishing on the boat. We saw two Napoleon Wrasses, a Grey Reef shark and a school of Trevallies.
The second dive from the boat, exploring south plateau. We admired broccoli leather and black corals, school of fusiliers fishes, trevallies and tunas in the blue, school of black snappers, butterfly fishes and cornet fished and a beautiful scorpion fish quietly resting on the edge of the wall. Early in the afternoon it is finally time to visit the wrecks of Numidia and Aida sitting on the North edge of the Island. Zodiac to zodiac dives and we descent along the reef where the Numidia wreck sits at a depth of 10mt/33ft until 70mt/240ft. The wreck sits in a vertical position facing the depth of the blue water. . We continued the dive with a couple of safe penetrations inside the engine room and cabines of the wreck.  While the guests were enjoying their dive, two Longimanus (Oceanic White tip Shark) circled the boat! Back in the water, three Oceanic Sharks kept us company on this dive as we spent all dive below the boat, filming and taking hundreds photos of them and one Hammerhead passed by in the end of the dive. Great day!
Tuesday September 5th (Day 3)
Wake up at 6 am and we feel rested and relaxed after a night sleep with our boat safely and firmly moored in the Big Brother Island.
Our morning dives are set in the south plateau of the island. We saw huge Napoleon Wrasse, enjoyed the plateau, found giant Moray eels, visited some beautiful overhangs and then we came back to the boat.
After breakfast we went toAida wreck. Aida has been lying in the deep water since 1957. Then we continued the dive along the wall and some of divers spotted a Thresher shark and Oceanic White tip was waiting us near the boat.
After lunch we moved to Little Brother Island where we did the third and the forth dives. Zodiac to zodiac dives.
The third we began in the east of the reef. We descended to the Gorgonian garden and first Grey reef was spotted. Later we saw four more circled over the south plateau. Amazing!
Sun is higher in the sky and late afternoon dive is dedicated to explore the depths of the North Plateau. A mild current is present, we descent and a large school of black snapper is hovering in the blue. We waited sharks just above the head of the plateau and we weren’t disappointed. A Hammerhead slowly swam by above us! Exciting. Purple and gold soft corals coloring the head of the plateau with a large school of banner butterfly fishes, cornet fishes following the bubbles of our guests, and clouds of anthias filling all the diving scenario. A great diversity of marine life and we continued the dive along the drop off wall reaching a section of it largely covered by leather coral and visiting couple of overhangs where black corals and colorful sponges stand out. Then we found a Hawksbill Turtle, resting in the shelter and later Oceanic White Tip shark with Grey Reef shark were spotted in the blue.
At 6 pm it is time for dinner and for leaving the islands and reach the southern offshore reef of Daedalus.  
Wednesday September 6th (Day 4)
After another very smooth overnight journey, we arrived to Daedalusreef. The early morning dive we went by zodiac to the east part of the reef. We swam slowly along the wall admiring black snappers, Trevally, Barracudas at the cleaning station. We swam above the south plateau and came back to the boat. Time for breakfast.
Late morning we dived in the north. Big Napoleon, a Hawksbill turtle, moray eels and clouds of anthias made our dive unforgettable.
The late afternoon dive is located at the anemone city where a large colony of clown fish guards their anemones. Many Anemones and Clown Fish were perfect for taking photos. We took a hundred photos and video of anemones and we continued our dive along the west wall where we encountered a Moray eel, Giant Trevally and big Octopus.
For the last dive we spread out over the plateau in the south. A Napoleon Wrasse patrolled this portion of the reef. Looking around, the different shades of colours were breathtaking. Hard and soft corals of all colours came alive against the still blue water in the background.
Thursday September 7th (day 5)
Our early morning dive was at Elphinstone and we saw huge schools of juvenile triggerfish and an Octopus on the north plateau. A Hammerhead passed by in the deep water. We also saw a plethora of reef fish that had our divers strobes popping at regular intervals trying to photograph these timid reef dwellers.
The second and the third dives we went to Umm Erg. Boat to boat dives, we swam over the coral garden, around huge pinnacles. We saw a torpedo ray, several Scorpion fish and Giant Moray eel. Yellowbar Angel Fish lives at this dive site, and there is a gorgeous red Anemone.
The last day dive was at Abu Dabab I. Hard corals of all different species cascade from the top of the reef, which sits a few metres beneath the surface right the way down to the bottom where it meets the sand. No sooner had we descended than we saw a Crocodile Fish sitting on the sand. There were also many small fish and Bluespotted Rays, and the top of the reef was teeming with all different species of Blennies which amused us as we made our safety stops.
We dived here once again at night. Huge Spanish Dancer, a hermit crab, a swimming crab, a precious anemone, two twin chromodorids were spotted. And Chad found an Octopus and sleeping Napoleon Wrasse.
Friday September 8th (Day 6)
Captain Sayed took us to our anchorage here on the South side of this world famous dive site. Here on Elphinstone we saw the plethora of Orange Antheas,  a free swimming Moray eel, two Napoleon, Tuna and a Turtle.
For the last dive, we jumped in at the south east side of Abu Dabab III. There we saw a Moray eel, a Wart Slug and a Bluespotted Ray excavating its meal from the sand!
And it was time to wash off the trusted dive equipment and hang it up to dry. We cruised back into the port enjoying the Lunch along the way.
Right before we ended the day we also did celebrate the dive milestones of Dave 200 dives, Melissa 300 dives and Phil 1000 dives. Massive congratulations to Phillip, Julia, Melissa, Dipen, Gautam, Darrel, Dave and Chad for being the Iron Divers of the week.
We would like to thank our guests for staying with us and sharing this wonderful time and also wish them a pleasant journey back to their home sweet home.
Red Sea Aggressor crew