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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 26, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 

26th August - 2nd September 2017 



Capt                                     David Patterson 

2nd Captain                         Matthew Rutledge

Engineer                                James McKenzie

Chef                                     Marco Moroni

Dive Instructor             Gabrielle Ruben



Pamela, Nicole, Bill, Nofar, Eran, Paul, Fiona, Roi, Luis, Lola, Andrea, Daniele, Mary & Nicola


Water Temp - 86 Deg F / 28 C

Thermocline - Top 15 ft around 90deg F dropping to 86 Deg F below 15 foot mark. 

Exposure suit - 3MM shorty / Rash guard & Board Shorts


Dive sites

Sunday - Sherwood Forest (1 Dive), Silverfox Ledge (1), Mini Wall (1), Sugar Wreck (2)

Monday - Stobarts Ridge (2), Shark Paradise (2)

Tuesday - El Capitaan (2), Hogfish Reef (2)

Wendnesday - El Dorado (2), Gary Woods Wonderland (3)

Thursday - Stobarts Ridge (1), Shark Paradise (2), Sugar Wreck (2)

Friday - El Capitaan Drift (1), Sherwood Forest 2 (1)



Saturday 26th August 

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 14 divers aboard the yacht. This week our divers hailed from many different countries. We had divers from Spain, England, Northern Ireland, Israel, Italy and U.S.A.

Once everybody had unpacked and set up their dive equipment we delivered the welcome and safety briefing. Chef Marco served up a sumptuous dinner which was enjoyed by all - We also celebrated Bills Birthday - Happy 21st again Bill!!. We decided to stay on the dock for the night as we had some inclement weather blowing in from the Straits of Florida. Many of our guests opted to grab an early night as the day would begin bright and early in the morning. 


Sunday 27th August 

The engines rumbled into life just as the sun was slipping slowly over the horizon far to the east. A beautiful orange glow was shimmering over Old Bahama Bay Marina. The sunlight glistened off the surface of the water making for some superb picture opportunities. 

We cruised North - enjoying breakfast en route - to our first dive site of choice, Sherwood Forest.

Sherwood Forest is a wonderful place to start the charter as it is shallow with an abundant marine life. Here our divers checked their buoyancy and tested out their equipment. We saw Schools of Bermuda Chub, Permit, Barracuda and Hogfish. The divers also saw Crabs, Lobster and Nudibranchs.

We then hot footed it North to the next site of the charter - Silver Fox Ledge. 

This site offers us a lot more depth than the previous site. The sand bottoms out at around 90 feet. For the deep freaks in the group this was more than welcome. The divers saw Reef Sharks, and Stingrays as well as a whole host of reef fish such as Snappers and Grunts. The divers also enjoyed the canyon ways and gullies at Sherwood Forest. 

We then moved North to our next dive site - Mini Wall.

The reefs at Mini Wall are always very popular with our divers and this dive was no different. Here we saw Barracuda, Fairy Baslets, Hog Fish, Reef Sharks, Stingrays, Goatfish and much much more. 

We then decided to dive the Sugar Wreck for our afternoon and night dive. 

This dive site has a dense population of fish. We saw hundreds (maybes thousands) of French Grunts. We also saw lots of Parrotfish, Chubs, Eels and Turtles. 

This dive site is a good day dive but its an even better night dive. The group saw 4 loggerhead turtles, Nurse Sharks, Hawksbill Turtle, Lobsters and around 20 Rays!!

After wonderful day of diving we moved into the Little Bahama Bank where we dropped the anchor to rest for the night. 


Monday 28th August 

We started the day off with two dives on the ever popular Stobarts Ridge. This dive site is a popular place to see Eagle Rays. The group were very lucky as we saw up to 8 Eagle Rays which circled our group for the whole dive. We saw unto 10 Reef Sharks over the course of two dives. The reef here is teeming with life, every reef fish imaginable was found on Stobarts Ridge. 

We then moved the yacht to Shark Paradise for the remainder of the day. We dropped our fish attraction triangle into the water and waited to see what would come in. 

Over the course of three dives the group we lucky as we saw a 13 foot Tiger Shark which stayed with us for a whole dive. our group were able to get some stellar shots of this amazing creature 

We aslo saw around 30 sharks of varying different species. 

After a wonderful day of diving we had no takers for the night dive so we opted to head into the Little Bahama Bank to rest for the night. 



Tuesday 29th August

First up for us was the wonderful dive site - El Capitaan. This dive site is always a very popular dive on this itinerary. The sheer health of the corals here will blow you away. The reef is covered in huge gorgonians, Sea Fans, Barrel Sponges and Orange Elephant ear sponges. These give home to a myriad of marine life such as Arrow Head Crabs, Nudibranchs and Shrimps. Often people forget to explore these areas for the smaller critters so we encouraged our divers to check this out, many of them did and commented how plentiful they were. We also Saw more Eagle Rays, Stingrays, Sharks, Barracuda and a whole host of reef fish. 

We then moved south to our next dive site - Hogfish Reef. 

We dropped our fish attraction triangle into the water in order to draw in the sharks. We were very lucky here as once we jumped in we were joined by a 12 foot tiger Shark which stayed with our dives for the duration of the dive. We also saw many reef sharks and Lemon Sharks. 

On our late afternoon dive we saw Eels, turtles, Permit, Snapper, Fairy baslets, Pufferfish and Hogfish. 

We had no takers for the night dive so we cruised into the shallows where we dropped the anchor in the shallows for the night. 


Wednesday 30th August

The first dive site for Wednesday was El Dorado. This wonderful dive site is in the northern part of the diving grounds which is often exposed to current. We were lucky however that the current on our 2 dives here was minimal. We saw the Eagle Rays, Reef Sharks, Blennies, Yellow Headed Jawfish. Hogfish, Parrotfish as well as huge schools of snapper and Barracuda. Due to the current we normally find here this dive site is in pristine condition. The reef is extremely healthy. After two great dives on El Dorado we moved the yacht to Gary Woods Wonderland where we spent the rest of the day. 

We saw around 25 sharks here cruising close by our divers. We were able to get up close and personal with the Lemon Sharks which our divers really liked. On the night dive at Gary Woods Wonderland we saw Turtles, Octopus, Sharks and Eels much to the delight of our intrepid underwater explorers. 

We decided to sleep for the night on the dive site as the winds had dropped to a gentle breeze.


Thursday 31st August

We started our day off with a wonderful dive back at Stobarts Reef. Here we saw the resident Eagle Rays cruising close by our divers. 2nd Captain Mat Rutledge had an Eagle Ray come and rest not to him in the sand. The doesnt happen often so to see these amazing creatures up close and so comfortable in a divers presence was a delightful this to see. 

We saw lots of Sharks cruising on top of the reef checking out our divers. This reef has an abundant marine life. We saw schools of permit, Snapper, Goatfish, Hogfish and Parrotfish. 

After a tremendous dive we moved back to Shark paradise to play with the sharks. 

After two wonderful dives we ended the day at the Sugar Wreck much to everybodys delight. 


Friday 1st September

We started the day off with a beautiful drift dive at El Capiitaan. Here we saw Eagle Rays, Sharks, Turtles and a whole host of reef fish schooling on top of the coral. We then moved south to dive the wonderful shallow site of Sherwood Forest. This ended the trip wonderfully. 

We then motored back into port. We enjoyed a cocktail party in the salon prior to taking Dinner ashore. 


Congratulations to Pamela who was our only iron diver of the week. 

A huge Happy Birthday to Bill & Fiona, thank you for celebrating your big day with us. 

Lastly congrats to Nicole for completing your first night dive ever! 



Thank you for joining us aboard the Bahamas Aggressor


Until next time, safe travels 


The Bahamas Aggressor Crew