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Belize Aggressor
Meet the Crew

  Diving Details:
  • Dolphin, Tarpon, Sharks, Eagle Rays, Walls and Reefs with abundant marine life and multiple macro critters
  • All dives from mothership
  • Water temperature:
    78 - 82F, 25 - 28C
  • 3mm wetsuit recommended

  • 7-night charters: up to 27 dives
  • 10-night charters: up to 42 dives

Capt. DennisCaptain Dennis Gautreau
Captain Dennis started diving in South Louisiana where he was born and raised.   He spent many years diving the oilrigs and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and sites around Florida and Mexico, spear fishing, shooting pictures and video.  In the mid 80’s he became an Instructor and started traveling and living in the Caribbean and other destinations around the world. He then moved to Colorado where he worked and managed dive centers before opening a PADI Dive & Travel Center.  After 5 years he sold the store and moved back to the islands, where he earned his captain’s license.
Currently Captain Dennis has a Master 200-ton US Coast Guard License. He is a Master Scuba Instructor with PADI and SSI and a First Response Instructor.  Dennis also enjoys chartering sailboats around the Caribbean for work and fun.  After a couple of years as relief Captain for the Aggressor Fleet, Dennis is now Captain of the BAHAMAS AGGRESSOR™. During his time off he enjoys spending it with his two grown children, family in Louisiana and Colorado and friends around the world.

Capt Alex Brett

Alex Brett (Second Captain)
Alex grew up on the coast of Maine, where he loved being on the water. From an early age he learned to handle boats well before he could drive a car. His passion for diving began in earnest at the College of the Atlantic, also on the Maine coast, where he helped teach scuba classes and guide trips on the local dive boat. To work his way through college, he helped run the school's research vessels to offshore islands in addition to crewing on large sailing vessels in the summer months. By the time he graduated with a degree in marine science, he was already a licensed captain and didn't waste any time becoming a dive instructor as well.

In the following years, Alex's passion for being at sea has brought him to work on vessels of all shapes and sizes in waters ranging from the Bering Sea to the South Pacific. Most recently, prior to joining the Aggressor Fleet, he spent three years on a high-end ecotourism boat in Southeast Alaska. Now onboard the BELIZE AGGRESSOR IV™, Alex is always ready to share his excitement and curiosity of the ocean's wonders that only divers can experience.

John Garroway
John Garroway (First Mate) is originally from St Vincent and the Grenadines, John adopted Belize as his home in 1981. Now a true Belizean at heart John has worked on the reefs here for over 25 years and the last 17 of those years have been on Liveaboards. What John loves about being on BELIZE AGGRESSOR IV™ is the diving (of course!) and mixing with people from around the world, especially if they will discuss politics with him. His unofficial ambition is to be Mayor of Belize! In the BELIZE AGGRESSOR IV™ family John is like our favourite uncle and is affectionately known as "King Willy".

Simon Villlaneuva

Simon Villaneuva (Engineer)
was born In Belize City and raised in Sarteneja Village, which is located on the northeast corner of Belize in the Corozal District that borders Mexico.  Sarteneja Village is a fishing village where Simon was taught by his father to free dive for lobsters and conch and also to spearfish. The sea has always been his life since he was growing up and Simon has loved every moment of it. He has been diving for 11 years and has dived on the Pacific side of Costa Rica along with Roatan, Honduras and Belize. Simon feels it is an honor to be an ambassador for his native country of Belize, showing everyone underwater what Mother Nature has to offer. Simon is fond of saying, “Seaing is Belizeing and it's Unbelizeable”.  

Chef Jerry

Jerry Carcamo (Head Chef)
has worked for the Fleet longer than anyone else aboard. He started on Wind Dancer on the Dominican Republic humpback whale charters and then worked on other Dancer Fleet yachts for several years before finally coming home to work on BELIZE AGGRESSOR IV™, here in his home country of Belize. He is from the north of the country, from a small town called Corozal near the border with Mexico, and says that he loves working with his extended family. He also gets to meet many interesting people each week and loves to cook! Jerry learned to cook whilst working on Liveaboards and his favorite dish is Roast Duck.

Carlos Soler (Assistant Chef) comes from the north west of Belize, he says its where the Howler Monkeys come from, which might explain why he spends five weeks from every six at sea!  He has worked on Belize Liveaboards for 22 years and now puts that experience to good use with us as Chef and Galley Assistant. What Carlos loves about being on an Aggressor vessel is that there is always something new to learn. He considers the BELIZE AGGRESSOR IV™ as his home and the rest of the crew as his family and is always ready to smile and have a joke around the galley.

William Johnson - Dive Master

William Johnson (Divemaster)
was born in the beautiful country of Belize "Mother Nature's best kept secret." He was raised up on one of the atolls of Belize called Turneffe a world class diving area known for its natural beauty. William has spent almost all of his life in the water, fishing, snorkeling and free diving in the crystal blue Caribbean waters he likes to refer to as his back yard.  He took his first breath underwater when he was 8 years old and fell in love with Scuba Diving that very instant.  He considers scuba diving not just as a profession but also takes great passion in his job as he enjoyed showing the world the underwater creatures and their natural behaviors.  William will not hesitate to show you his beautiful back yard and as a proud instructor on the BELIZE AGGRESSOR IV™ he enjoys serving, teaching and guiding our guests on each and every dive.
Barbara Anderson (Galley Assistant and Stewardess)
is from the beautiful town of Orange Walk (also known as Sugar City) located in the north of the country. She has incredible experience that gives her an air of quiet confidence in her work as she has been on Belizean Liveaboards for over 27 years. She also truly loves what she does, and it shows as she sambas around the galley whilst serving dinner! Barbara can be found in the galley assisting the Chef in preparing one of the many meals or snacks that come out daily and it is usually her laughter that can be heard around the salon! She says that the favorite part of working on a liveaboard vessel is meeting new people and spending time with the rest of the crew.  
Elia Daniels (Stewardess)
 When not aboard Belize Aggressor IV, Elia lives with her "other" family in Belize City. She has spent seven years with us this is her first, and we hope only, Liveaboard.  What Elia loves about being aboard BELIZE AGGRESSOR IV™ is that there are so many reasons to smile and laugh, and when not on duty she finds time to read.